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We are proud to offer the Generation Rh and In-Ovation series of brackets, from GAC Dentsply and GC Orthodontics. Generation Rh and In-Ovation braces are self-ligating brackets, which allow easier tooth movement with lighter forces  than  traditional braces. The difference is that they are smaller in size but also stronger and more efficient because they have a built-in clip that holds the arch wires in place without the need for wire or elastic ties that add friction and collect more food. This allows for greater overall attractiveness and a more reliable result.

The clip is also more comfortable than the standard wires because it does not gouge or stick to a patient’s cheek or gum line. Orthodontists who use these next generation braces report faster, more efficient results, which means less fuss and fewer treatment visits for you.

Types of Generation Series Brackets

With our comprehensive selection, we’re sure to find the orthodontic bracket that’s perfect for your individual needs:

  • Generation Rh brackets are sturdy and focus on being  small and as efficient as possible. This minimizes discomfort during orthodontic treatment and eliminating the need for wire or elastic ties makes cleaning your teeth much easier. These new brackets are also Rhodium treated which give them a lighter and cleaner appearance relative to traditional braces.
  • In-Ovation C brackets combine the advantages of Generation Rh series brackets with the cosmetic appeal of translucent ceramics to form a self-ligating brace system that is effective and aesthetic.

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